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The Other Side of Florida

Florida is a place with many hidden gems of attractions. As much as the state entertains millions of tourists, not all its attractions are visited. Many of the visitors do not know there are more places to visit than those they cover. They need to make their holiday destinations different next time they are there.

Cedar Key is a town which reflects the old Florida tradition. When tourists are gone, the town is left with few residents, who use the one road on and off the key. This results in the slowest pace of life. There are beautiful boutique stores in the downtown area, surrounded by wonderful oak trees. The key hosts the few remaining spoonbills, which is ideal for birdwatchers.
Since it hosts the largest collection of psychics ever recorded in one place, Cassadaga is called the central location for psychics. There is the availability of a lot of native American crafts, candles, and precious stones. Spiritualism is what attracts many people to the area. There are also some modern amenities, such as a modern bookshop, cafes, and hotels. Another attraction is the spiritual readings held at the Cassadaga hotel.

Pensacola is the port town of the state. The Navy has some attachment to the place, going as far back as 1904. It has a lot of nice museums and shops, which when visited gives off the rich history of the town. The town also hosts many trails. Some end up at Crystal Lake. At this location, while you are enjoying the scenery, you shall also have the chance to say at the most beautiful apartments Pensacola has to offer.

You can also visit Sebring, which was established in 1912. It got its name The City on the Circle, due to the fact that it has a circular downtown area. It is surrounded by rivers, lakes and citrus groves. There are also many places to do your boutique shopping. The hills that surround the area give it some ideal locations for people to go for hikes. There is also the International Speedway, which is a place that attracts many visitors with each passing year.

Mount Dora is another great attraction, which is a lakefront town at the heart of Florida. There, you will find a wide range of antique shops, fine arts, museums, gourmet restaurants, and wineries. It also boasts of some of the most ancient architectural pieces, such as the Lakeside Inn, built in 1883, as well as the Chamber of Commerce, which was built in 1893. When you want to get that old tow feel, you should visit this place.

When you go to Florida, you will know there are a lot more attractions in the place than you thought you knew. There are many towns in Florida that have remained true to their traditions, by keeping their old buildings and ambience, and most of their traditions.