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A Quick Beginner’s Guide to Buying Luxury Watches

A large percentage of watches will surely give you accurate time, but there are only a select few that are considered true luxury timepieces. Connoisseurs will definitely agree that true luxury watches should be able to stand the test of time, in both its craftsmanship and style. This holds true for many luxury watchmakers as a majority of them have been around making amazing watches for over a century. For the individuals who are thinking of purchasing their very first luxury watch, you have a wide array of options to choose from which can make things a bit daunting especially when it is your first time purchasing. It is a given that luxury watches won’t come in cheap but it does not mean the quality of the watch matches its price tag, this guide will be able to help the first time buyers make informed decisions to ensure that you successfully complete your quest for an exquisite timepiece.

A lot of watches all fall in the category of what is considered a luxury watch. These watches can be up to the hundred thousand dollar mark. But when you are looking for your first watch you should look to spend about a thousand dollars the least for a fine watch. You can find great deals and discounts online and you can even find great deals for entry level luxury watches for as low as a few hundred dollars. Luxury watches can have gold cases or bracelets that have a diamond encrusted bezel, or it could be a stainless steel watch of great craftsmanship.

The Style:
The first thing you should consider when looking for a luxury watch is the purpose that you wish for it to serve? Do you want a sleek and streamlined looking chronograph to express your status as a professional? Do you want it to be more of a gem encrusted piece of jewelry, only to be worn during special occasions? Is this going to be a gift in commemoration of a special event? You should consider the frequency of use and the type of situations you will be wearing your luxury timepiece.

The Watch Makeup:
Luxury watches will naturally make use of the world’s finest materials. A lot of luxury watches make use of 14 Karat or 18 karats yellow gold on either its band or casing. Rose gold or white gold are also a popular choice for luxury watch materials. The most expensive material used in making luxury watches is platinum. Though there are a lot of fine luxury watches that use simple stainless steel bracelets and bands.

Leather straps are considered more casual as opposed to metal bracelets and will significantly tone down the look of the watch. These leathers are usually lizard, alligator, or calfskin.

Those looking for a bit more flash and bling on their watches, a gold bracelet will surely lend you the look. A solid gold band can make the watch more expensive but this itself can be an investment.

Diamond watches will exhume an air of opulence and glamour. There a variety of colorful and brilliant gemstones adorn some of the high end luxury watches. It is of utmost importance for you to ensure that the gemstones on the watch you wish to purchase are genuine as having genuine gems on your watch will surely increase its value.

The functions:
Horology is a process the watchmakers use when making fine, accurate timepieces. Watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs often prefer automatic or manual wind watches. Mechanical movements show the watchmaker’s skill and are mostly used in elite luxury watch designs. Quartz movements do not require as much maintenance as their mechanical counterparts and are more precise.

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