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Ways to Boost Your Brain Power Working out. Doing exercises forces your brain to work at its best making nerve cells to multiply hence strengthening their connections and protecting them from destruction. Your brain cells will release neurotrophic factors which aid in promoting neural health while you exercise. During exercise, you gain defensive effects to your mind through having greater blood flow to your body which also helps you to learn new skills quickly. Having a good night’s sleep. Sleeping is vital when it comes to regenerating new mental cells and help you reach new psychological insights making you see new solutions to problems you were earlier unable to solve. Sleeping for only six hours in a single night can positively impact you’re your thinking ability the following day. Napping for infants can boost their brain power too. Coconut oil consumption. By converting the glucose in your blood to energy, the brain can operate correctly. If your brain does not get enough energy or is deprived of the glucose that transforms into energy, it will stop functioning as well as it used to. An Alzheimer’s patient has impaired brain functioning which eventually results in loss of personality and movement brought about by insufficient production of insulin in the brain and this deprives the brain of the energy it needs to survive and function normally. If your brain becomes insulin resistance, it will suffer from starvation since it will not be able to convert glucose to the energy it needs. Taking just two tablespoons of coconut oil can help treat your brain if it has been starved or prevent starvation and degenerative brain diseases. Before starting to take high doses of coconut oil, you must first start taking it in smaller amounts and build up to high doses because not everyone reacts the same way.
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Listen to Music. It is well known that listening to music may help boost your mind power. Listening to music while working out has been shown to improve cognitive functioning levels. Participate in mind-training activities. You can boost your brain activity and power by exposing yourself to new environments where you can learn. The connections between your nerve cells and their arrangement will keep on changing as you continue learning and increasing your knowledge. Participating in society and social services can be another great way of improving your intellectual power. Participating in mind training exercises can help keep your brain fit as you grow old. These mind improving activities can be things like doing puzzles like crosswords and jigsaws.
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Vitamin B12. If you have vitamin B12 deficiency you can get memory problems and mental fogginess. Increasing your vitamin B12 will help to reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s.