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Leaf Removal and How to Dispose of Leaves

Leaves can be a dangerous hazard, especially on residential streets. The Village of Western Springs in Illinois will begin leaf removal in late October and will send postcards to notify residents. Residents should avoid blowing leaves onto the streets, as they can catch fire if dry. Leaf removal companies will come to pick up leaves once a week, and will only remove leaves from residential streets. To avoid having to clean up leaves, residents should rake them into gutters instead.

Another green way to dispose of leaves is to mulch or shred them. By mulching, leaves will break down and improve soil fertility. You can also use leaf-removal bags to dispose of yard waste. Both of these options have pros and cons. Here are some things to consider when deciding between them. If you choose the former, it will save you time and money. Bags are easier to transport. However, if you decide to bag leaves yourself, you may want to hire a leaf removal company to handle the work for you.

Other ways to dispose of leaves include raking and blowing. You can also hire a landscaping company to help you with leaf removal. Burning leaves is an option, but it has fallen out of favor. Not only does it pollute the air, but it can cause fires. In many areas, leaf burning is forbidden. It also creates a huge fire hazard, releases pollutants, and irritates the eyes and lungs.

The best way to decide which leaf removal service to hire is to ask for an estimate. Prices vary based on size and volume. A neighbor with only two trees will pay less than someone with five or more. A bigger yard means more work and a higher price. It is important to give as much detail as possible to the leaf removal company so that they can provide a quote based on the number of trees in your yard. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should hire a company to remove your leaves.

In addition to making the area look cleaner and fresher, leaf removal can also reduce the number of pests in your yard. Snakes, spiders, and roaches thrive in dark, moist places, and rotting leaves are ideal habitats for them. These pests can cause severe respiratory problems, even death. Therefore, it is vital to remove all leaf clutter on your lawn before the cold weather sets in. It is crucial to make sure your lawn receives the right amount of sunlight and air to grow healthy.

While leaf removal is an easy DIY project, it requires time and strength. The larger your yard is, the more leaves you’ll have to rake. Raking leaves is also very strenuous and physically taxing, especially when you’re bending over and lifting leaves into bags. If you own a large property, leaf blowers may be worth the extra expense. There are many advantages to hiring a professional lawn care service to remove leaves.

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