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Everything You Need to Learn About Fire Protection Systems

Any property or building can benefit from a reliable fire protection system. These systems help to prevent fires from spreading that could lead to loss of life and destruction of property. Appropriate fire protection measures are common across homes, corporate offices, movie theaters, shopping malls, and the like. It is best that you secure a good fire protection system when you still do not have any.

There are various types of fire protection equipment that are available. Fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, alarms, fire pumps, smoke diverters, monitors, smoke indicators, and communication devices are just some examples.

There are all sorts of fire protection methods and equipment that are utilized to extinguish and fight fires. Your choice of equipment will depend on the factors that have caused the fire and what type of fire you are facing. The most common fire protection equipment that you can see in properties and buildings are fire extinguishers used for raging fires. You also have flow switches, fire intercom systems, automatic CO2 systems, sprinkler systems, and hose reel systems.

The hose reel system is a type of fire protection system that has nozzles to spray water. Such a fire protection system also comes with pumps, tanks, and pipes. For pumps and tanks to be driven around, motor engines are a requirement.

Another fire protection system that you can use is the sprinkler system that comes with a glass bulb and a sprinkler rose. If the flow switches ring the bells, this is a sign that the sprinkler system has already been activated.

Automatic CO2 systems, on the other hand, are helpful for electrical fires. These systems spray CO2 gas into the affected rooms. Smoke and exhaust fans also function as fire diversion tools for the smoke in the building. Buildings with this type of system has wet sprinklers in place help to sense smoke and sprinkle water as needed. Installing smoke and heat detectors help to detect fires in the building.

In addition to the different kinds of fire protection systems that you can choose from, there are also different kinds of fire extinguishers. In choosing the right fire extinguisher among their various types, you have to look into the type of fire that you are dealing with and its cause. CO2 fire extinguishers and pressurized dry chemical fire extinguishers are two of the most common types of this equipment.

The use of fire extinguishers will depend on the kind of fire caused. Fire categorized as Class A is caused by paper, cardboard, plastic, and other ordinary materials. Class B fire is for gasoline, kerosene, and other flammable liquid. Accidents caused by switches, electrical appliances, short circuits, and hot plates are what you call Class C fires. And last, Class D fires are those caused by flammable metals with the likes of potassium, magnesium, sodium, titanium, and more.

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