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Things to Know About Evil, Pain and Suffering
Pain and suffering has always been seen as a negative phenomenon that can happen to an individual. It is an unavoidable part of man. God is not the source of evil, but he allow us to experience the suffering for His own reasons. His wish is to see mankind pass through it and conquer it all. For most people, when you or another person is experiencing, most people feel like there are bad things you have done and that is the consequence. However, this is not always the case. People suffer and experience pain for different reasons. We are also living in a world field with evil people. Where there is good, there is always evil. Therefore, you should not be worried about pain and evil. If you are a Christian, pray that you overcome it and have a positive approach towards it. Below are some discussions that will help you understand more about pain, evil and suffering.
When a human being is going through pain and suffering, he or she becomes outranged by this kind of evil. They tend to think that that is now how things should be especially as a Christian who prays every day. Most people will want to question God for what they are going through. However, there are answers to this. Just like the servant of God in the Bible known as Job went through a lot of evil, all his questions were answered. Sometimes God will take a step back to see how a human being will conduct him or herself amidst the suffering.
Pain and evil came to the world because of the sin caused by the first man Adam and Eve. Their rebellion against God is what brought them pain. Despite our shortcomings, God sent his only son Jesus so that he can come to the world and suffer the same consequences as man. However, His main aim was to buy us back with His blood so that we can be pardoned of our sin. Those who are in align with God should be ready to experience pain and suffering just like Jesus did. However, the end result of this is to conquer and have a place with Jesus. Once the people conquer evil, there shall be no more crying or pain.
In most cases, people who experience pain and suffering are termed to be the strongest. This is because, they have seen, and experienced evil and they are still alive and have faith in God. When everything is running smoothly and you are not experiencing any hurdles, people tend to be ungrateful and entitled. They rarely stop to ask the hard questions about life. However, when you face a difficult experience that causes pain and suffering, it causes people to reflect on their lives. They also question their ways which may lead then to the light. If they were also walking on a wrong path, they change their ways to work towards pleasing their creator. Wisdom comes from experiences that you may have or others may have. Therefore, you must be brave to face any storm that comes your way

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