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5 Ways to Save Money When Grocery Shopping

Food shopping is important. Everybody must eat! We can only wish we didn’t have to eat as frequently so that it’s easier to save money. But we all know that won’t happen, and grocery store bills can add up if you’re not careful with your expenses.

Here are five proven ways to save money while you’re grocery shopping:

1. Go for bulk.

Most items turn out cheaper if you get them in bulk. Pasta, rice, dried beans nuts and grains, and even some fruits and veggies are just some of the common examples. When at the store, look for those bulk or multipack special deals that can help you save some cash.

2. Look for sales in catalogs.

Grocery stores and food shops usually have weekly or monthly catalogs that tell you what things are on sale. For example, the Coop catalog will clue you in on the deals or products that offer you savings. In fact, you can make the Coop catalog your partner whenever you do some grocery shopping.

3. Plan your menu before shopping.

While that Coop catalog can help you become a smart shopper, it’s useless unless you couple it with a plan. So before you go out to the store, make sure you’ve got your menu all laid out. Check online for recipes that are well-loved but economical at the same time. Planning your meals lets you plan around the food items which are on sale.

Again, you can go back ato your Coop catalog for this. Another good thing about meal planning is that you can avoid buy too much or buying things that aren’t really necessary.
Every year, food wastes in the U.S. amount to about $165 million. When you waste food, you waste money.

4. Collect coupons.

After planning out what to buy at the grocery store, start searching for coupons for those items. You can clip them from newspapers and magazines or get them from some mobile apps. Just like the Coop catalog, coupons can be a great way to save money. It’s important to take advantage of all these money-saving opportunities if you want to be smart about food shopping.

5. Stay with food.

When you go to the grocery store to buy food, stick with food and forget everything else. For example, while toiletries may be tempting, you can always buy them for cheaper at a specialty store or pharmacy. This is not be a problem if you’re not shopping on a budget, but if you are, sticking to the plan is always for the best.